“For over 20 years, Signet has successfully provided its clients with efficient financial vehicles to invest with experts in a secure and accountable fashion.”

Signet's reliance on sound research

Throughout Signet's history as an investment firm, it has understood the importance of in-depth research as well as due diligence in relation to the managers in which it invests. This history enables Signet to adjust to the client's investment needs by utilizing its research capabilities to source investments and managers to fulfil investment goals.

Signet Investment Platforms

While Signet manages funds directly, namely the Signet Equity Fund (UCITS, long only equities) as well as the Signet FFF Absolute Return Fund (quantitative strategy), the firm also has a long history of providing multi-manager investment solutions in alternative investments. As such, Signet is an established provider of turnkey investment solutions allowing investors to benefit from Signet's experience researching and fully understanding the operations of the managers it invests in. In this context, Signet manages the off-the-shelf multi-manager solution Signet Global Multi-Strategy Fund since 2003.

Alignment with clients

If Signet's turnkey products are not the right fit, Signet will work with clients to better understand the their risk/return profile to create a product that better aligns with the client's goals.
Signet's Vision

A revolution is taking place which is having a profound influence on wealth creation and destruction, driven on the one hand by demographic change and on the other by transformative technology.

A conservative investment approach which captures both high interest rates and capital gains from corporate changes is key in this environment. This is the hallmark of Signet’s portfolio management style.