Investment Thoughts – Summary Jan 31, 2017

Signet’s Global Multi-Strategy Fund Signet Global Multi-Strategy Loan position is supported by its floating rates, limited duration and positioning at the top of the capital structure. This, and supportive growth, should continue to draw investors to loans in 2017. US and European short duration CCC bonds offers value and rate protection, with proper credit work.   […]

Management Thoughts for Jan 24, 2017

Yellen will raise rates again soon – inflation in wages and costs are starting to be passed on to consumers. Markets should soon start to anticipate two fed hikes by the May Fed meeting. Yellen sounds hawkish, warning about delaying rate hikes for too long; US consumer inflation is over 2%, shelter CPI is higher […]

Signet Global Multi Strategy Portfolio Enters 2017

What could the surprises of 2017 be? A surprise is something the consensus does not expect. Investors are now expecting higher growth and more inflation, the Trump bump. They have invested more heavily in equities and expectations are high. But demography, final demand and recently sharply higher rates might get in the way. And with […]