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The autonomy of our investment teams is core to our offering. This gives them the freedom and agility to form their own views and leverage their own connections, in pursuit of the long-term outperformance that we seek for our investors.


Global Leaders

Our Global Leaders portfolio is highly concentrated around market caps of minimum $5bn in the US, Western Europe, Canada and Australasia. We focus on IT, Healthcare, Consumer discretionary, Media & Entertainment. We do not invest in emerging markets, nor do we attempt to time the market or any form of leverage.

Thematic Alpha

The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve a high risk-adjusted return through active portfolio management by investing in equities in developed markets. The investable universe comprises companies within structural themes that the manager identifies as having attractive quantitative characteristics.

Real Estate

This portfolio consists primarily of residential spaces, offices and hotels. We target specific urban areas in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, London, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Lisbon and Milan. The key factors we look for include location, construction quality and reliable rental income.

Protos Multi-Strategy

Providing high-quality profits, leveraging sophisticated investment strategies including AI-managed exposure that aim to provide not only robust returns, but also ensure the stability and sustainability of those returns over the long term. The Fund is not launched yet and is in the process of raising seed capital. The returns presented are based on the back tested results.


We are convinced that over the long-term, the key contributing factor to returns is growth. That’s why we favour growth companies and stocks.

Maintain capital preservation while maximising total return opportunities; periodically balance Private Equity and opportunistic Real Estate investments with a layer of low-risk liquid assets within our capital markets compartments to ensure stability of earnings and diversified wealth creation.

We adopt a quantitative approach. When selecting investments we tend not to rely upon human factors, e.g. expert bias, gut feeling and other ill-informed selection techniques. We use classic and proprietary valuation methods to choose investments that will outperform.

We believe in the importance of deep investment analysis and efficient asset allocation as a driving force of having exposure to trends.

Align our interests with the success factors of every client; participate in wealth creation alongside our clients and share their success.


We have wealth management offices in various locations globally. To discuss your requirements and find out about the services available in your location, please contact us.