"For over 20 years, Signet has successfully provided its clients with efficient financial vehicles to invest with experts in a secure and accountable fashion."


Personalized investment strategy designed with the client, for the client. Access to a complete range of investment instruments, including bonds, stocks, funds, commodities and derivatives. Cutting edge portfolio construction and risk management customized to the investor's specific needs.


Customized investment vehicles providing efficient access to the client's needs and target markets. Tailor made portfolio protection.


Award winning fixed income specialist, Signet has been offering multi-asset class investment solutions to High Net Worth Individuals and Institutional Investors for over 20 years.

Signet's Vision

A revolution is taking place which is having a profound influence on wealth creation and destruction, driven on the one hand by demographic change and on the other by transformative technology.

A conservative investment approach which captures both high interest rates and capital gains from corporate changes is key in this environment. This is the hallmark of Signet’s portfolio management style.