Signet’s range of portfolios is available via Tailor-Made Portfolios, Signet UCITS Funds plc, an Ireland based, UCITS V compliant umbrella fund company and a BVI fund platform called Signet Multi-Manager Inc. (“SMMI”).

Signet Tailor-Made Portfolios

Given where we are in the market cycle, Signet currently proposes Portfolio Model solutions.

Signet Global Multi-Strategy Fund (GMS)

GMS invests in a blend of mostly non-directional alternative strategies. The fund targets mid single digit returns with low volatility and offers monthly liquidity.

Signet Butler FFF European High Yield Fund

Signet Butler FFF European High Yield Fund is an actively managed bond portfolio which allows investors to access idiosyncratic opportunities in predominantly European corporate credit. The program targets high single-digit returns derived from coupon income and capital appreciation while providing investors with some protection in adverse markets.