Signet’s range of portfolios is available via Tailor-Made Portfolios, Signet UCITS Funds plc, an Ireland based, UCITS V compliant umbrella fund company and a BVI fund platform called Signet Multi-Manager Inc. (“SMMI”).

Signet Tailor-Made Portfolios

Given where we are in the market cycle, Signet currently proposes Portfolio Model solutions.

Signet Global Multi-Strategy Fund (GMS)

GMS invests in a blend of mostly non-directional alternative strategies. The fund targets mid single digit returns with low volatility and offers monthly liquidity.

Signet Equity Fund

The Signet Equity Fund invests in equities with a long-term perspective, with focus on companies it considered as valued attractively, with a clear and definable edge that is difficult to replicate, high and sustainable return on capital employed, whose competitive advantages are strong and whose cash flows have a high degree of predictability and high likelihood of growth.